Project Management for Researchers

11. - 12. December 2019

Empa, Duebendorf, AKADEMIE

Project Management for Researchers

As the research landscape is becoming more competitive, with the push towards inter-disciplinarity, intersectoral mobility, and international collaboration, research projects need effective management to successfully reach their goals. Researchers often lack the basic notions of project management to run complex collaborations; this leads to frustration, stress, and strain of interpersonal relationships. These issues can be easily addressed and overcome by providing Researchers with notions about managing a project dealing both with its technical aspects, and with the inherent human dynamics.

This proposal aims at capitalizing on the lessons from management of large and complex projects to teach researchers concepts and techniques of project management, and how to handle teams to accomplish the project. The two day workshop package is structured to run interactively: participants will learn the fundamental notions and will get hands-on practice by managing a dummy project throughout the course. They will work in groups of 4 or 5 people on the different phases of project management.



– Learn fundamental notions of Project Management;

– Understand the challenges of managing a project and how to overcome them;

– Identify the risks and develop strategies to successfully accomplish a project.



– What is Project Management

– Scope, Quality, Cost, Time

– Get to know your Stakeholders

– Planning and work breakdown structure

– The 5 Phases of a Project

– Iitiating a Project

– Planning a Project

– Executing a Project

– Controlling a Project

– Closing a Project

– Human Dynamics and Communication

– Managing Risk and Changes



Dr Marco Masia, is a scientist and entrepreneur. With a MSc in Chemistry and a PhD in Physics, he has worked as a Professor of Theoretical Chemistry for ten years at the University of Sassari. He has published many high impact papers, participated in European projects, and collaborated with diverse research teams across the world. With a Masters of Business Administration from the Frankfurt School of Business, he has managed projects within small and large organizations. The training syllabus draws from his unique experience in research, business, and management, and is tailored specifically to researchers.

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