Advanced Sorption Materials

8. May 2018 , Empa, Dübendorf, AKADEMIE


Porous materials for example zeolites, mixed ionic oxides such as AlPOs and SAPOs, silica gels, activated carbon and MOFs are an important class of materials used in various sorption-based technologies. The combination of hierarchical pore structure control and selection of appropriate adsorbent enables entry and ad-sorption of small molecules on internal surfaces. Such processes are typically controlled by physisorption mechanisms governed by molecular size, polarity and chemical nature of the sorbent surfaces. In some cas-es specific chemical interactions can give rise to more strongly bound chemisorbed species which are an essential part in the design of heterogeneous catalysts.


In recent years sorption phenomena have expe-rienced an academic revival. Furthermore, more and more novel, energy-related applications are being pursued by researchers through systematic tailoring of sorption properties to specific needs such as thermally driven heat pumps, adsorption-based thermal storage systems, hydration/dehydration, drying, purification and separation of fluids as well as CO2 capture.



Researchers, academics, students and professionals working in the field of porous materials, adsorption heat pumps, solar energy, renewable energy, catalysis, nanomaterials, composites, CO2 capture, porous ceramic materials and activated carbons.



Participants who are interested in participating in the poster session, please send a title and a short abstract with one or two representative figures until the end of March 2018 to



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