Welcome to the nano-scale: from science to health application

12. September, 9:00 - September 13, 2019 16:30 , Empa, Dübendorf, Akademie


Nanotechnology, personalized medicine and machine learning are future and emerging technologies (FETs) with a tremendous potential to influence the development of innovative materials-enabled health care solutions. However, a careful safety assessment is required to avoid social and economic drawbacks, particularly during the first stages of implementation. This can only be achieved with an open, target-oriented and trans-disciplinary exchange between academia, industry and regulatory bodies.


This two-day event will focus on two novel projects showcasing cooperation efforts:


- "GoNanoBioMat" aims at enabling cooperation to work on the development and production of polymeric nanobiomaterials for drug delivery implementing a Safe-by-Design (SbD) approach.

- The CCMX Materials Challenge “NanoScreen” presents a unique combination of interdisciplinary expertise, addressing fundamental knowledge and methodologies to support the safe use of nanomaterials.



More details on the program and registration will be available soon.


This event is hosted by contactpointnano.ch



contactpointnano.ch is an independent national platform offering a unique service: by pooling the scientific and regulatory expert knowledge available in Switzerland on the safe handling of synthetic nanomaterials, it assists the transfer from invention to innovation and helps Start-ups as well as established Swiss companies to remain internationally competitive.