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VERT Forum 2022

24. March 2022, online

For three decades, the international VERT Association has been consciously working to increase awareness of verified emission reduction technologies, with a specific emphasis on the best available technology for carcinogenic combustion generated nanoparticle applications and NOx minimization for diesel engines It is now widely accepted that all lung penetrating emissions (irrespective of particle size) are a concern, not just in terms of diesel engines but also combustion engines in general and all applications.


The VERT Forum is often the nucleus for several development projects, highlighting problems and various solutions, from small handheld equipment to large stationary marine applications.


VERT introduced the particle number ( criterion for health reasons, which is now the basis of European and Chinese legislation VERT has successfully initiated the introduction of a New Periodic Testing Inspection ( system to ensure that products and technologies are not only functionable and efficient during test validation but also during normal operation over time.


In an environment of MOVING TARGETS and DIRECTIONS IN NANOPARTICLE ABATEMENT the VERT FORUM moves to a more holistic approach to zero environmental impact from combustion technology and mobility in general.


The journey of traditional vehicle and machinery retrofitting will continue but in close conjunction with other emissions related areas that can exploit the benefits of the experts with globally applied know how joining every year the VERT FORUM.


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