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Technology Briefing 2022

29. June 2022, 14:00 18:00 , Empa, Duebendorf, AKADEMIE




Buildings, industrial plants, streets, cars, electronic gadgets and, and, and. Our modern lifestyle consumes vast amounts of energy and materials. However, climate change and the resulting increase in the risk of natural hazards, population growth and dwindling resources are gradually leading to a rethink. We urgently need new technologies and materials to reduce our carbon footprint and achieve the climate targets that have been set.


Because time is running out: Switzerland has committed itself to be climate-neutral by 2050; the federal climate package would like to achieve "Net Zero" as early as 2030. This year's "Technology Briefing" focuses on innovative materials, technologies and concepts that make CO2 neutrality - in certain areas even a negative CO2 balance - possible. With this ambitious goal, Empa recently launched the "CO2UNTdown" research initiative. Because the clock is actually ticking...




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June 20, 2022





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