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Biointerfaces International Zurich 2022

12. September, 8:00 15. September 2022, 19:00 , ETH Zurich

This year's Biointerfaces International Conference (BIC) will be held at ETH Zurich and will offer a program with a special focus on microphysiological systems, de novo tissues and organoids.


Such next-generation cell cultures are designed to replicate the physiological complexity of human tissues and organs. “Organ-on-a-chip” technologies combine different human tissues representing organs under physiological conditions such as flow, mechanical or electrical stimuli. These advanced in vitro systems help understanding human physiology and will pave the way for research and development of novel pharmaceuticals or biomedical materials and devices and at the same time surpass the limited predictivity of animal models.


Join us on September 12 to 15, 2022 and hear about exciting science and technologies across different fields and disciplines in the Biointerfaces community, from Swiss and international research teams in academia, hospitals and industry.


Find out details about the tentative topics, upcoming program and more: www.biointerfaces.ch


Early bird registration open until July 30, 2022. Register here.



The BIC is organized jointly by:



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