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PhD Symposium 2021

30. November, 8:00 16:30 , Empa, Dübendorf / via Zoom

Nowadays, the creation and application of new, highly engineered and intelligent materials can gradually embed in our lives and make our lives better. Ambient intelligence, the Internet of Things, and predictive computing are being applied to materials science, predicting that the future life should be "intelligent".

Empa PhD Students' Symposium 2021, entitled "Science4All: Intelligent materials and technologies for a better life," aims to provide PhD students with a platform to showcase their research and to receive feedback on their ongoing research or specific problems or concerns about the research with their peer, as well as potential collaborations between attendees from different laboratories and areas of expertise. PhD students will have the opportunity to interact not only with their peers but also with esteemed researchers in the scientific community. Also, they would be able to learn from fellow researchers in the scientific industry.


PhD students active in all fields at Empa are strongly encouraged to participate in this event. Students not affiliated to Empa are cordially invited as well. Experts will join the symposium to evaluate all presentations and to give students valuable tips and feedback





After confirming your participation, you have to register for the symposium via the registration form.

Please note that you need to submit the abstract separately. If you did not submit an abstract or if your abstract was rejected you may also participate as an audience member.




For more information please go to the main website of the PhD Students' Symposium 2021.

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