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We strongly recommend using public transport.


Getting there


One-minute walking distance from the bus stop Dübendorf, Empa, connection direction Stettbach or direction Dübendorf (bus 760).


Five minutes' walk from the tram station Dübendorf, Giessen, connection to Stettbach or Zurich Airport (VBG line 12).


17 minutes' walk from Stettbach train station, with several connections to Zurich main station (S-Bahn S3, S9, S12 and S11), Winterthur (S-Bahn S12 and S11) and Uster (S-Bahn S3 and S9).


12 minutes' walk from Dübendorf train station, connections to Zurich main station or to Uster (S-Bahn S9, S14).


SBB's online timetable allows you to get real time information about your journey to Empa Akademie.



Location map