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18th International Symposium

18. - 19. May 2010

Empa, Dübendorf, Switzerland


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Background and Objectives

'Transport and Air Pollution' meetings have been held since 1986 in Graz (Austria), Avignon, Reims and Toulouse (France) and Boulder (Colorado, USA). This 18th symposium will take place in Switzerland, near by Zürich. The aim of the symposium will be to bring together scientists, users and policy makers to assess the current scientific knowledge of air pollution.

The symposium will have parallel oral sessions in two rooms and two one-hour poster sessions per day.
• Vehicle emissions and greenhouse gas measurements
   – Nonregulated pollutants
   – Hybrid vehicles
• GHG and vehicles emission modelling
   – Model development and design
   – Model application and results
• Technologies for low carbon mobility and emission reduction
   – Alternative fuels
   – Alternative technologies
   – New after treatment systems
  – Life cycle analysis and emissions
• Air quality/atmospheric chemistry
   – Air quality measurement
   – Distribution and chemical modelling
   – Exposure
• Emissions from off-road and non-road transport modes
• Policies and measures for transport emissions abatement
   – Modelling and analysis
   – Results in real world
   – Environmental zones