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Foundation of Business ? Understanding and Leading a Company

13. August, 9:00 16. August 2012, 17:00

Empa, Dübendorf

PostDocs and PhD Students


Prof. Dr Werner Fees, Georg-Simon-Ohm U.A.S., Nürnberg, Germany

PostDocs and PhD Students


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The course introduces the entire scope of Business Administration, covering the general economic basics as well as the fields of general management and functional aspects (e.g. Marketing, Operations). The theoretical foundations will be linked to reality through the use of cases. The course is the fundament and an overview  for other courses specializing on the various topics of Business Administration.

By the end of the course the participants will have a comprehensive understanding about Business Administration. He/She will have gained knowledge about important basics concerning Economic Systems and Corporate Governance and will see the differences between the Swiss/German System and the Anglo-Saxon System.