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International Exploratory Workshop

17. - 19. August 2015

Empa, Dübendorf





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This workshop is a 2-year follow-up on the "International Exploratory Workshop on Soft X-rays, Electrochemistry, and Energy Materials (Swiss National Science Foundation project # 147413), which was held at Empa and PSI in June 2013 (Synchrotron Radiation News 2013, 26(5), 36-38). Now, we narrow down the topic from the broad field of "Energy Materials" to specifically about materials in photoelectrochemistry and catalysis and electrocatalysis. This combination of topics is relevant for production of renewable and CO2-neutral solar fuels or for Fischer-Tropsch syntheses of liquid fuels from solid waste or carbon. There is currently many scattered activity in this field also in Switzerland. New development worldwide is that basic science concepts on materials can be analyzed now at the component level and device level during operation thanks to advancement in analytical instrumentation with synchrotron based x-rays. This development will allow in future for better understanding of materials synthesis, processing and function issues in energy converters during operation. Catalysis work is being done at ETHZ, PSI, Univ. Berne and Univ. Basel, and Empa, for example. Empa and PSI/ETHZ are currently using x-ray spectroscopy for this purpose.