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PhD thesis public defense

29. September 2016, 0:00 1. August 1970, 1:00

Empa, Dübendorf, Akademie


João Martins


see contact information on the right


According to standard SIA 269/1, the braking force for assessment of existing road bridges is at least two times greater than the one enforced in past design standards. The structural safety of several existing bridges to braking vehicles may hence fail to meet this standard. However, the braking force of SIA 269/1 is based on deterministically defined simple braking scenarios and may therefore not be in line with the probabilistic framework of current structural standards.

A stochastic model that simulates braking events on road bridges has been developed to enable a probabilistic evaluation of the braking force. By using real-world data, namely from traffic measurements on Swiss highways and recent on-road studies with instrumented vehicles, the model yields a  novel expression for the braking force that takes into account bridge parameters such as bridge length and natural vibration period in the longitudinal direction, as well as the remaining service lifetime of the  bridge.

The language of the presentation is English. Free entrance, apéro after the presentation.

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