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Technology Briefing

December 8, 2016 13:30 - 18:30

CSEM Neuchâtel

Industry and Science

Industry and Science


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Complicated experiments, process improvements, or new product development - none of these are possible without comprehensive material analysis. Characterization tools are ever more numerous, sophisticated, and complex. So the choice of the measuring methodology and the interpretation of its results are crucial. How do you find your way through this maze?

In Switzerland a large palette of competencies and material characterization tools are available to industry. From the very large infrastructures like the Swiss light sources (SLSs) to tiny atomic-force microscopes, they all strive to attain the same goal: better serve the needs of Swiss industry.

With the aim of introducing you to these tools, PSI, Empa, and CSEM are pleased to invite you to join our partner-event on this topic. 

(the event is sponsored by CSEM, Empa and PSI)