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23. April, 9:00 - 24. April 2018, 15:00

Empa, Dübendorf, AKADEMIE


The production of cement is responsible for 5–8% of global man-made CO2 . The replacement of Portland cement by supplementary cementitious materials (SCM) offers the highest potential to reduce these CO2 emissions. The industrial application of SCMs based materials is hindered by the fact that novel, low- CO2 cementitious materials have different chemical composition and will form other hydrates than Portland cements, where Ca-rich calcium silicate hydrates(C-S-H) are precipitated. In the presence of silica rich SCMs, such as silica fume, fly ash or blast furnace slag, (C-S-H) with a low Ca/Si ratio is the most important hydrate that forms. In this workshop, co-organised by Empa and Nanocem, the results of different studies carried out during the last years on the properties of C-S-H will be discussed. The work presented includes the results of experimental investigations of the influence of varying Ca/Si ratios, the presence of aluminum, alkalis or anions on the solubility, structure, and composition of synthetic C(-A)-S-H gel and on paste samples. Other presentations will focus on thermodynamic modeling of C-S-H and on atomistic simulations of the structural information and surface properties.



Academic and industrial researchers who are interested in the properties of calcium silicate hydrates. Experimentalists and thermodynamic and atomistic modellers.


Authors are invited to submit a one-page abstract for oral and poster presentations by Email to until December 22, 2017. The template is downloadable here as word.doc

Authors will be notified for acceptance of the reviewed abstracts on January 31, 2018.



Monday, April 23, 2018

Topic: Experimental investigations

– Uptake of aluminium, alkali and other ions by C-S-H

– Influence of temperature

– Effect of synthesis methods

– Synthetic C-S-H C-S-H in Portland cements Topic: Molecular and mesoscopic modelling

– Structure of C-S-H

– Molecular modelling of C-(A-)S-H +CH

– Al-uptake in C-S-H


Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Topic: Geochemical modelling

– Structure of C-S-H

– Solid solution models for C-(A-)S-H

– Surface complexation models for C-(A-)S-H

– Ion uptake

– Heat capacity Topic: Precipitation kinetics

– Oversaturation

– Foreign ions



Barbara Lothenbach, Empa

Christophe Labbez, Université de Bourgogne

Dmitrii Kulik, PSI

Jørgen Skibsted, Aarhus University

Karen Scrivener, EPFL

Paul Bowen, EPFL



Participants may register until March 30, 2018. Please register here

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A fee of CHF 350.– is payable to cover lunch, refreshments and printed course materials.

For speakers and PhD students the fee is reduced to CHF 250.–. Payment should be made in advance upon receipt of invoice.



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The workshop will be in English.