2019 Advanced Course: Advanced X-Ray Diffraction Methods for Coatings: Strain, Defects and Deformation Analysis of Thin Films

Online Archiv

25. November, 8:30 - November 27, 2019 17:00

Empa Dübendorf, NO 209


Today, coatings are used in many applications for decorative or / and functional purposes. In functional coatings, the surface properties of the substrates such as adhesion, corrosion or wear resistance can be changed. In semiconductor device fabrication, the coating adds completely new properties such as electrical conductivity, magnetic or optical responses. This course uses X-ray Diffraction techniques (XRD) to investigate the structural properties of coatings obtained by different deposition methods.


Understanding the structure of thin films will improve their fabrication. After introducing basic thin film and HR-XRD characterisation methods, fundamental theory and limitations will be discussed including examples of films in applications and how their structures influence characteristics.


Real samples will be measured. In-house protocols will be presented for establishing reproducible and reliable measurements, and for interpreting stress/strain and materials defect levels.



  • Introduction to different X-Ray techniques
  • Relationships between physical and structural properties
  • High resolution X-Ray techniques
  • Coherent and non-coherent scattering
  • Texture and stress
  • Coatings case studies
  • Examples of successful technology transfers using X-ray techniques



  • Prof. Alex Dommann
  • Prof. Antonia Neels
  • Dr. Ruggero Frison


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