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SUNRISE: SWISS Stakeholder Workshop

Online Archiv

27. September 2019

Empa, Dübendorf, Akademie

For the further support and rallying for the EU H2020 SUNRISE Large Scale Research Initiative, Empa is organizing a workshop for the Swiss stakeholders.


The SUNRISE Consortium was established to become a European Flagship Project to provide a sustainable alternative to the fossil-based, energy-intensive production of fuels and base chemicals, also for meeting the CO2 goals of the Paris Agreement. The required energy will come from sunlight and other renewables; the raw materials will be water and molecules abundantly available in the atmosphere, such as carbon dioxide, oxygen, and nitrogen.


The ambitious goals of the SUNRISE initiative can only be achieved through a collaborative, long-term sustained effort involving academia, industry and society at large. Considerable public and private investment is crucial to turn scientific advances into concrete innovation, growth and jobs. SUNRISE wants to build a strong “SUNRISE ecosystem” and to mobilize and unite the different stakeholders.



The scope of the workshop is to inform the Swiss stakeholders about the status of the project and to provide an opportunity for the stakeholders to share ideas and network with each other, and discuss the Swiss role, opportunities and challenges in the Large Scale Research Initiative.


At this one-day event, three priority research directions will be discussed:

- Artificial photosynthesis

- CO2 conversion

- Solar ammonia production


More details will follow soon.