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How to build your digital human twin?

Online Archiv

27. 28. February 2020

Empa St. Gallen (Room C3.11)

Topic and objectives

Human avatars, or digital twins, of the human body and its organs are being developed to steer in-silico the medical therapies of the future. The large hype in this field makes that many digital human twins with different complexity and accuracy are surfacing. This rapidly evolving field will challenge us to keep guaranteeing the quality and reliability of the used models and simulations, to avoid that the trust in such digital tools is lost. This need is even pushing governmental organizations, including the FDA, to develop a regulatory framework in this respect.


With this workshop, we want that you walk away with a proper knowledge of the different building blocks of such digital avatars, from the nanoscale to the human scale, and with the best practices for reliable modeling and simulation. This workshop aims thereby to safeguard the trust and reliability of this immense technological opportunity for improving the future of precision healthcare.


In these two days, we target medical applications such as transdermal drug delivery, skin burns, hyperthermic oncology, wound dressings and functionalized medical membranes for controlled release of active compounds.


Our main aims are that:

– you advance in your understanding of digital twins for health-tech

– you can incite new collaborations in this field

– you contribute in defining the future roadmaps for digital twins in healthcare


The targeted topics are:

– Building blocks and types of human avatars

– Digital twins for personalized, in-silico therapy

– Multiphysics modeling for digital twins

– Multiscale modeling for digital twins

– Wearables for body monitoring

– Biomedical imaging technologies

– Next generation drug delivery devices


This workshop will host an interdisciplinary group of materials scientists, engineers, biochemists, medical doctors and data scientists. We stimulate interactions by invited talks of leading experts, pitches of participating scientists, a poster session, a hands-on workshop and a lot of coffee breaks…


Registration and costs

Participants are asked to register online.


The event is sponsored by Empa and free of charge for the participants, including coffee breaks, lunch and aperitif.


Possible lodging has to be arranged by the participant individually. Find here options in the area.


All participants are encouraged to submit a tentative title of a poster (for the poster session) or a oral presentation title together with the registration in case they are interested to show their work.


Registration period ends on February 16, 2020