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March 3, 2020 10:00 - 16:00

Empa, Thun


Corrosion related failures are still important issues in industrial products and applications. Besides the more “classical” engineering problems known for decades, new questions related for examples to medical implant applications, energy-related devices and photo-electrochemical devices are now in focus of the corrosion research. Any new materials/component should furthermore also be checked for their corrosion resistance in their operation environment. The workshop will present selected examples of the state of the art of scientific research carried out in Switzerland in the field of corrosion with emphasis on scientific methodologies. Innovative directions in research and future technological development in academia and industry will also be addressed.



The workshop is intended for scientists and engineers from industry and academia that are interested and/or confronted with corrosion related issues. A special focus this year is on presenting activities of students working in the field.



This workshop aims at informing about the current projects and activities in Swiss research institutes. A further goal is to bring together scientists actively involved in corrosion research in companies and research institutes and to foster scientific and technological exchanges. A central aspect of the workshop is that it will be established on a regular basis and should bring together an increasing number of persons from the different Swiss institutions (industries, University of applied science, Universities and ETH Domain) to actively and regularly participate. In future, joint projects, topical meetings and strategic collaborations should be the output of this “corrosion science” group.