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11. December 2020

Online via Zoom


The advent of hybrid perovskites in the family of solar cell technologies is spurring tremendous research activities worldwide. The major thrust for endorsing this thin film technology consists of the competitive power conversion efficiencies, low manufacturing costs and interoperability with well-established technologies such as crystalline silicon and CIGS.


Following the huge research effort with thousands of scientific publications every year, industrial implementation has gained impetus. This workshop shall capture the most important developments in the field of industrialization of perovskite solar cells by bringing together a panel of industrial representatives of the major players.



13:00 Opening

Prof. F. Nüesch, Empa, Dübendorf (CH)


13:15 Assessing the perovskite module longterm reliability via IEC 61215 test

Dr. J. Yao, Microquanta Semiconductor, Hangzhou (CN)


13:30 Stabilizing Perovskite solar cells to IEC 61215:2016 standards with over 9000-hour operational tracking

Prof. H. Han, Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST), Wuhan (CN)


13:45 Ramping up perovskite solar module production

Prof. B. Fan, GCL Nano Technology, Suzhou (CN)


14:00 Efficient structures and processes for reliable perovskite solar modules and tandems Dr. T. Aernouts, R&D manager Thin-Film PV, imec, partner in EnergyVille & Solliance, Eindhoven (NL)


14:15 Coffee break – Poster session


14:45 First commercial applications of flexible perovskite solar modules

Dr. D. Forgács, Saule Technologies, Warsaw (PL)


15:00 Bloom, boom or doom in Perovskite PV

Dr. T. Meyer, Solaronix SA, Aubonne (CH)


15:15 Is the tech ready for primetime?

Dr. C. Case, Oxford PV, Oxford (UK)


15:30 Commercializing all-perovskite tandem PV

Dr. T. Leijtens, Swift Solar, Colorado (US)


15:45 Short conclusions

Prof. F. Nüesch, Empa, Dübendorf (CH)



For further information please see the flyer.