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Simulation and Sensing @ Empa

16. December, 14:00 16:30

Virtual via Zoom


Application of simulations or sensing in health-tech, energy science, nano-material research, atmospheric science and sustainable buildings.

  • Physics-based and data-driven modeling and simulations. Examples include continuum hygro-thermo-mechanical FEM and environmental computational fluid dynamics, molecular dynamics, multiscale modeling, discrete element modeling, machine learning, AI, digital twins or biomedical image processing.
  • Sensing for precision medicine, food technology, building technology, wearables for body monitoring, drug delivery or acoustics.



Scientists, PhDs, engineers or startups working with simulations and sensing.



  • Showcase the state-of-the-art scientific and technological developments to colleagues at Empa, as well as industry and other research institutes
  • Bring the community at Empa together to cross-pollinate expertise to identify synergies
  • A nucleus for future collaborations between industrial partners, startups and Empa
  • Get you thinking on your future activities in simulation or sensing: Do you need to expand? Where can you go? Or are you fine as it is…


You can interactively discover how our researchers make an impact on society by simulations and sensing, via our Brainteaser poster session & pitches. We also challenge your vision on simulations and sensing so you can use these tools to force breakthroughs in your future projects.


You will have to put in some thinking, but you will be rewarded with a refreshing drink, excellent food and stimulating conversations.