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Technology Briefing 2020

11. November, 14:00 17:00

Empa, Online Via Zoom

Smart Energy Applied Solutions

Our energy supply is currently facing fundamental changes. Sustainable and renewable energy sources such as wind and solar energy are replacing the widely unpopular and climate-damaging fossil fuels. As we move towards a more sustainable path, new systems are required to keep up with our energy needs.


The smooth integration of renewable energy sources, efficient storage solutions – long- and short-term –, as well as a dynamic interplay of different technologies are key to achieve a post-fossil energy future. This year's Technology Briefing, co-organized by the research institutes CSEM, Empa and PSI, will present practical digital solutions for sustainable and promising energy systems.


About the Technology Briefing

The conference series aims at informing our industry and business partners about pressing issues of practical relevance. Speakers representing CSEM, Empa, PSI and industry will cover a well-balanced and practice-oriented overview of the latest technologies. The event also provides a platform for knowledge sharing and exchange of experiences, allowing the identification of potential cooperation and further innovation.


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