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Simulation for Metal Additive Manufacturing

Online Archiv

23. April 2021

Empa Akademie and online


Marking its evolution as a central feature of the fourth industrial revolution, additive manufacturing broadly refers to the layer-by-layer “printing” of spatially precise on-demand 3D objects with enhanced design freedom relative to conventional manufacturing technologies. Effective contribution of metal additive manufacturing (MAM) to the vision of Industry 4.0 necessitates a better understanding of the ongoing phenomena during the process to address key challenges related to the quality of the printed parts. The MAM process inherently involves the simultaneous interaction of multi-physical fields and numerical modelling is a robust tool for systematically optimising the build process parameters and conditions so as to achieve the goal of “first-time-right” high-quality production. A thorough quantitative understanding of the MAM process specifically requires insights from different types of computer simulations, namely: thermal, mechanical, metallurgical, and fluid-dynamics. 


Target audience

Scientists, engineers and students working in the field of metal additive manufacturing.



The workshop aims to present an overview of the ongoing research in Switzerland focussed on simulations for metal additive manufacturing and to connect researchers working on the topic from different universities and research institutes in the country. The participants are expected to brainstorm novel ideas, propose/evaluate innovative solutions, and broaden their professional network potentially boosting their current research. Importantly, the possibilities of support for addressing MAM challenges that currently exist for the Swiss industry will be of particular emphasis. A non-exhaustive list of topics proposed for the workshop includes:


  •  Powder-scale modelling (melt pool dynamics, defects)
  •  Thermomechanical analysis (residual stress, distortion)
  •  Microstructure simulation (grain size/morphology, texture)
  •  Mechanical property prediction for MAM parts
  •  Exploitation of artificial intelligence in MAM modelling
  •  Experimental validation of numerical simulations



Tentative Program

9:00 Welcome and Introduction

Dr Christian Leinenbach, Empa


9:05 Simulation for MAM @ Empa

Dr Ehsan Hosseini, Dr Vladyslav Turlo, Empa


9:30 Powder-scale Thermal Modeling of Selective Laser Melting

Prof Laura De Lorenzis, ETHZ


10:00 Microstructure Modelling forAdditive Manufacturing

Dr Charles-André Gandin, MINES ParisTech


10:30 Coffee Break


11:00 Presentation Session 1


12:30 Lunch


13:30 Presentation Session 2


15:00 Coffee Break


15:30 Round-table Discussion


17:00 Closing



The event is sponsored by Empa.

Please note, that the event might switch to only-online, if the guidelines related to tackling the pandemic do not allow an in-person workshop.