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Self-responsive, Smart Materials for Robots Training (SMART)

Online Archiv

16. 18. March 2021

Eawag, FC-C20

SMART workshop 2: Integration smart materials in soft robotics

This time the SMART ITN offers a multidisciplinary training by combining two emerging fields of smart materials and soft robots with meaningful societal and economic impact (T-model).


The second training event will be organised virtually via Zoom.


The topic is “Integration smart materials in soft robotics” including training sessions on Science Communication and Fundraising skills.


Please note, participation is free. However, one’s registration details should include a motivations statement that should provide your intentions on why you would like to participate in the SMART workshop.


You can register here.

A personal invitation with a link to Zoom will be communicated shortly prior to the event.


The event programme could be accessed here