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Computational tools for data visualization @ Empa

Online Archiv

23. April 2021

Online via Zoom

This interactive workshop aims at exchanging ideas and skills on presenting data visually using computational tools at Empa and beyond. The objective is to elevate your insights, help you create successful data-visuals, provide opportunities to connect to other researchers for potential future collaborations and strengthen the computational statistics community.





Opening remarks

Marija Buljan / Flora Bahrami




Data analysis developments for the revolution in robotics (tentative)

Prof. Dr Davide Scaramuzza



Coffee Break




Donato Rubinetti (First, tidy up your universe)




Tidying and visualizing messy data with the tidyverse

Simone Baffelli






We are looking forward to hearing about your data visualization technique. To register for a 10–20 min talk, please send an email to flora.bahrami@empa.ch, including the title of your talk.


This event is the follow-up event from the Computational Statistics @ Empa held in November 2021. These events are planned and organized based on the needs of the researchers. If you have some topics you want to be covered in a future event or ideas to boost collaboration among researchers, please add in the virtual whiteboard Miro https://miro.com/app/board/o9J_ld_MMfQ=/ (Password: Stat_FB_21). You can reach out to Flora Bahrami (flora.bahrami@empa.ch) for any question.