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Postponed to spring 2022: Technology Briefing Advanced Manufacturing at Empa

9. November, 13:30 17:00

Empa, Thun / online


During the last couple of years, new manufacturing technologies such as additive manufacturing, micro- and nanofabrication or laser materials processing have significantly evolved significantly. Because of a sophisticated linkage between computers, data and manufacturing tools, we are seeing radical changes in how things are made. These developments are critical to the Swiss industry. Advanced Manufacturing is an important research focus at Empa and new research infrastructure has been installed particularly at Empa Thun over the last two years. The goal of this Technology Briefing is to provide an overview of the recent developments and current activities at Empa Thun in the areas metal Additive Manufacturing, in situ process monitoring, micronscale manufacturing, advanced materials characterization, and multiscale modeling and simulation.



13:30 Laboratory Visits


14:30 Coffee break


14:40 Welcome and Brief Introduction


14:45 Talks Laboratory for Advanced Materials Processing

- Multi-scale, multi-physics modeling of advanced materials processing

  Vladyslav Turlo

- In situ and real-time monitoring of dynamical processes

  Kilian Wasmer

- Additive Manufacturing of high-performance metals and metal matrix (nano-)composites

  Christian Leinenbach


15:45 Coffee Break


16:00 Talks Laboratory for Mechanics of Materials and Nanostructures

- High throughput combinatorial synthesis of thin films – from atomistic simulations

  to novel products

  Johann Michler

- Cutting-edge analytics enabling advanced manufacturing

  Xavier Maeder

- Conformal atomic layer deposition

  Ivo Utke


17:00 Apéro and Poster Presentation



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