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4. November 2021



Coating and printing are manufacturing technologies that are used to equip the surface of products with structures or functionalities that are different to the bulk material. The range of coating and printing technologies is broad and they are used in all industry sectors and include products and applications.


Due to the large range of technologies and applications, there is sometimes little exchange between researchers from the different fields. However, we believe that there is a lot of common ground in this domain. An exchange between scientists across the various coating and printing technologies and across the different applications could therefore lead to fresh ideas how to tackle key challenges and hence in turn to technological breakthroughs. Therefore, we selected "Coating and Printing" as one of the topics for the Fall Series.


You will find more information about the scope and the program of the event on this page.



With the Swiss Advanced Manufacturing Community Events – SAMCE, we want to unite and to connect scientists with sparking ideas and build in Switzerland a strong scientific community in the domain of advanced manufacturing.