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16. November 2021



The computing power of today's computers is umpteen times higher than in the past. These advances are paving the way for powerful new tools for computer-aided modeling and simulation of materials and manufacturing processes. This accelerates the research in our community. With these new tools and the data they generate, we can predict new materials and their properties as well as better understand what is happening in manufacturing processes. Furthermore, modeling and simulation help to plan and design experiments.


Also in this topic, only the fusion of the expertise of data scientists and domain experts will create the necessary joint competences to fully use the possibilities of higher computing power and the new digital modeling and simulation tools. We chose "Modeling and Simulation" as the third topic of our Fall Series to show young scientists - in particular the experimentalists - what is already possible with simulation and modeling today, but also to understand where problems and challenges currently still lie.


You will find more information about the scope and the program of the event on this page.


With the Swiss Advanced Manufacturing Community Events – SAMCE, we want to unite and to connect scientists with sparking ideas and build in Switzerland a strong scientific community in the domain of advanced manufacturing.