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29. November 1. December 2021

Empa, Feuerwerkerstrasse 39, Thun


Dual SEM/FIB device are becoming increasingly common and popular as they allow sophisticated multi-modal imaging and analysis/characterisation of nano- and micro-structured materials. The aim of the course is to present the extended analytical possibilities with such device, by combining several excitation probes and signal detectors on a common instrument chamber. The instrumentation suite we present combines the excitation techniques of an electron microscope, a focused ion beam microscope, a collimated X-ray source and a laser beam together with various detectors to allow imaging and measurement techniques such as EDS, WDS, TOF-SIMS, EBSD and XRF.


The following subjects will be presented during the course:


  • Introduction to the different analytical techniques in SEM and FIB
  • Imaging with SEM and FIB: SE, BSE and ion channeling contrast
  • Advanced microstructure investigation with EBSD and transmission EBSD orientation mapping
  • EBSD strain and stress analyses with cross correlation technique
  • Chemical analyses with EDS, WDS and μ-XRF
  • Chemical depth profile with TOFSIMS
  • Introduction to SEM in-situ technique: in-situ diffraction; micro-mechanics; AFM; in-situ heating
  • Brief introduction to TEM: TEM vs SEM for imaging and diffraction


For more information please see the flyer.



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