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Technology Briefing - Photovoltaics

Online Archiv

1. December, 14:00 18:00

Empa, Dübendorf, Akademie

Photovoltaics - Technologies, System integration and implications




Sustainable, renewable energy sources such as solar energy are intended to provide industry and society with an affordable and long-term energy future. Photovoltaic systems of the next generation are therefore indispensable in order to cover our constantly increasing energy requirements and at the same time to achieve our climate goals.


The technology briefing, jointly organized by the research institutes CSEM, Empa and PSI, highlights the potential of photovoltaics, presents next-generation PV technologies and explores how the technical system integration of the systems can be successful and what effects a greater dependence on PV will have on our CO2 emissions, material consumption and economy will have.




Start: 2:00 p.m

Aperitif: from around 5:15 p.m


The event is bilingual (English, EN and German, DE). You will find the information on the respective presentation language right next to the lecture title.


Moderator: Claudia Gonzalez, head of the Empa Academy


    Welcome and introduction

Presented by Dr Peter Richner, Deputy Director of Empa


    Part 1: Next Generation Technology


From new generation mainstream Photovoltaic technologies to optimized integration for buildings, agriculture and transport (EN)

Dr Matthieu Despeisse, Group Leader Solar Modules, CSEM


Bringing back Photovoltaic cells and modules manufacturing to Europe with high quality products (EN)

Madlen Apel, Head of Product Management, Meyer Burger


    2nd part: Technical System Integration


Flexibility assessment of multi-energy districts (EN)

Dr Binod Koirala, Urban Energy Systems, Lab, Empa


Pathways and strategies into the energy and climate future of Switzerland (EN)

Dr Martin Rüdisüli, Urban Energy Systems Lab, Empa




Elektronen und Moleküle im Gleichklang: Rolle der Gasversorgung in einem künftigen resilienten Energiesystem (DE)

Daniela Decurtins, Director of the Swiss Gas Industry Association (VSG)



    3rd part: System Integration, Economy and Environment


Strom aus Fotovoltaik-Anlagen - ein Kernbestandteil der zukünftigen Energieversorgung (DE)

Christian Bauer, Laboratory for Energy Systems Analysis, PSI


Saisonale Speicherung von Photovoltaikstrom (DE)

Luca Schmidlin, CTO Alphasynt AG


    Closing word & farewell

Dr Peter Richner, Empa


    Aperitif & networking


More information on the "Technology Briefing" format can be found here.

We look forward to your registration!



The event is free of charge.