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Seminar Series in Physical Artificial Intelligence (PAI)

Online Archiv

8. July 2022

Empa Dübendorf and Online


Join us on 8 July 2022, 13 PM CEST for the upcoming seminar in PAI:


A vision towards bioinspired sustainable robotics


Speaker: Barbara Mazzolai, Bioinspired Soft Robotics Laboratory, Italian Institute of Technology



Advances in robotics, material science, and Artificial Intelligence can together offer innovative solutions for a deeper analysis of natural processes and intervene consequently with effective strategies. At the same time, a sustainable approach for the design of new technologies is needed to reduce current problems related to energy impact and e-waste.

Natural organisms are interesting models of inspiration in this vision, because they show unique adaptation skills and smart use of energy in different conditions and environments.

By taking inspiration from animals and plants, our goal is to generate new multi-functional materials for morphological adaptation and computation, mechanisms for moving-by-growing, strategies for climbing and adhesion, multi-sensory information processing and distributed architecture of functionalities, as well as new forms of energy. These eco-robots will find applications for environmental exploration, monitoring, precision agriculture, and for improving basic knowledge on natural phenomena.



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