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13th VERT Forum Conference

Online Archiv

21. March 2023, 8:00 18:00

Empa, Duebendorf

The VERT Association has been always working at international level to increase awareness of verified emissions reduction technologies, with focus on the best available technology (BAT) for combustion-generated nanoparticle applications and NOx emissions reductions. Increasing health concerns due to nanoparticle emissions, large in number but with very small sizes (nanoscale) are not just related to diesel but all type of engine combustion (i.e. gasoline) and need to be seriously monitored and controlled.


The VERT Forum is the perfect platform to discuss health, air quality and all emissions related issues in order to find the best solution by creating international collaborations with dedicated working groups, developing new strategies at national and international level and provide scientific evidence for policy makers and support emissions legislation.


For more information and registration, please visit the VERT website.