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Sensing Technologies and Analysis of Sensor Data - SFA-AM Industry Workshop

Online Archiv

12. October 2023, 9:00 16:15

Empa Akademie, Dübendorf


This workshop aims to foster the exchange and collaboration between Swiss research groups and companies. Representatives from industry learn about new cutting-edge sensing technologies that can provide them a competitive advantage in the future. On the other side, researchers learn about challenges that Swiss companies are currently facing and for which they seek innovative solutions. This workshop covers two important aspects of sensors:


This aspect covers the use and the interpretation of sensor data, in particular for the monitoring and control of production processes. This includes machine learning (ML) and artificial intelli-gence (AI).


This aspect covers all technology building blocks that need to interplay to manufacture sensors: materials, processes and equipment as well as sensing products for specific applications.


Target Audience

With this event, we want to promote active exchange between Swiss researchers and (Swiss) companies. Therefore, we are looking for technology enthusiasts and leading personnel from the development departments of companies that either manufacture sensors or use sensors for their technology, product or manufacturing process.



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Deadline: 5 October 2023



Please see our Flyer for the program details. More information is available on our event website.