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Seminar RFA Built Environment: Mining the Atmosphere

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7. November, 15:30 20:00

Empa-Akademie, Dübendorf

Mining the atmosphere

An opportunity for climate and construction



The worldwide and Swiss struggle to fight climate change relies on reaching the net-zero balance of greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2050 and continuing with negative emissions later on. This requires two parallel strategies: reducing the current emissions and implementing negative emission technologies at large scale. These challenges are in particular relevant for the building and construction sector, one of the largest sources of emissions globally.

Removing the CO2 from the atmosphere is thus the objective of different groups belonging to the Empa's Research Focus Area Built Environment. We do not stop there – we work on using the removed CO2 as a valuable resource for the construction industry.

In this seminar we will present and discuss recent achievements in projects devoted to CO2 removal and further CO2 valorization and sequestration in construction materials.


Target audience

Stakeholders, practitioners and scientists from the sectors of construction, buildings and infrastructure, energy, environment, sustainability.





Dr Peter Richner (Empa, Head of Dept. Engineering Sciences)


Dr Mateusz Wyrzykowski (Empa, Group Leader Concrete Technology)



14:30 – 15:30

NEST Visit (optional)



Welcome coffee




Dr Peter Richner, Empa, Department Engineering Sciences



Climate change and the need for net zero and negative CO2 emissions

Prof. Reto Knutti, ETHZ, Center for Climate Systems Modeling



Fighting climate change by building more - not less

Dr Jannis Wernery, Empa, Laboratory for Building Energy Materials and Components


Coffee break:

20 Min



Negative emissions via sequestration of carbon in concrete and asphalt

Prof. Pietro Lura, Empa, Concrete and Asphalt Laboratory



CO2 sink in magnesium-based cements

Prof. Barbara Lothenbach, Empa, Concrete and Asphalt Laboratory



Concluding remarks

Dr Mateusz Wyrzykowski, Empa, Concrete and Asphalt Laboratory






Registration deadline

Please register by October 31, 2023



This event is sponsored by Empa and free of charge.